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Help Me With My Issue


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Oh boy where do I start, you see I recently returned to this game probably start of the month or maybe little back In December.

I started a new account for few reasons, mainly since I no longer had my old one and I always like start fresh and new again.

I was having fun again, even if I didn't end up focusing on one character.

I got talked into boosting a character, mainly for a guild event and for the sole purpose of unlocking the raptor mount.

I thought to myself it wouldn't hurt and it would be a good to interact with the guild.

Later on, I winded up regretting it big time, to the point where I didn't feel like playing anymore.

So I took a little break and started a new account. I bought the expansion packs this time retail copies. I accidentally use the serial codes to the wrong account.

So I made a support ticket and got it solved. During this time I was levelling an Asuran Thief and having a blast. Then last night I started new characters, which was fun at first but took away my original goal.

I also started buying gems, some of them did go into useful things, but the others went into the keys.

I kind of regret buying gems. Despite I did get some good things out of it.

I want to start another account this time but sorely stick to the free to play aspect of it.

My Goals this time are, focusing on one character, f2p, and no buying gems.

I did the one character and free to play thing in the past, long before hot came out or maybe just after it was out.

I know it seems like a waste of time, but I know I can do it and I want too.

So I was looking for some opinions, tips, and your thoughts.

I also forgot to mention, another goal of mine is do everything, not just PvE, like PvP, WvW.

Any class suggestions, and race for classes to make it more fun, besides Asura.

I was thinking of, Engineer, Ranger, Necromancer, and Elementist.

P.S: Sorry for the long thread.

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For first, I would recommend not creating yet another account. This isn't quite the style of MMO where account creation is something you should arbitrarily do. If you have an account with both PoF and HoT, log on and stick with that sole account. Characters can be created and deleted at will, so if you don't find a boosted character to your liking or whatever, just delete that toon, but keep the account, since it will still have the PoF and HoT expansions, as well as your achievements.

Now then, as for your goal of focusing on one character, I would advise stretching that to at least three. Each class is individually fun in their own right, but it is quite easy to burn out playing only one toon ad infinitum. For myself, I bought the game when it released over five years ago, and for about two years, I had only three toons: Ranger, Elementalist, and Engineer. Necromancer and Mesmer came shortly after that, but I'll stop there, since I have 10 toons now.

I loved my Sylvari Ranger. He was very flexible in whether I wanted to go melee and smack fools, or keep range and let my pet do the tanking. It really gave me the space to learn just how to play this game, because the pet was so good at taking aggro from mobs that I was at low risk of dying. Elementalist was fun for the thematic of swapping between Fire, Water, Air, and Earth elements (Personally loved water and earth. ^^;) Engineer was also fun as hell for just throwing turrets down and running around with dual pistols shooting fire and poison everywhere. All of this leads to one major point I have to make.

Don't boost to level 80 immediately.

I've seen many other threads offer this same advice. It is a horrid disservice to the newcomers of this game who are given this level 80 boost to their characters. Honestly, start off with a toon or two of your liking, and level them up as one would do without any boosts: Exploring the starting area, completing Renown Hearts and map completion for that zone, maybe happen upon a world boss at one point, and doing your personal story. Your Personal story will keep you within a zone for a while, but when it knows you're ready to, it will move on to the next zone. Doing this will really help with getting to learn just how the game works without the game extremely punishing you with overpowered mobs found in many level 80 zones. You will potentially quickly start to out-level the zone you're in, which is fine! Do that! Because you will scale down to the zone's level if you're above it, but your experience gain will remain about the same (It's percentage based, for the most part).

Take your time with this MMO. And again, keep the sole account. It is Buy-to-Play, meaning that once you buy it, you can leave for however long you want and come back and all your stuff will still be there without you having to spend a penny to get back into it (Some exceptions apply, like with Living World episodes, but just keep up with the news and log in one time to get it for free, then go back to letting it sit idle).

Get to learn how to play the game in general first in PvE before jumping into sPvP and WvW. sPvP is unique in that it's Structured Player vs Player. Everyone is on the same playing field in terms of gear and abilities. It is solely skill-based and how well you know your toon. There's a lot of depth to be found in it, but I personally just play whatever I care to and just roll with it. Trap Condi Ranger or Staff/PP Daredevil (Thief elite specialization) may not be the best, but I do well enough on them that I have fun. WvW is a bit more chaotic due to the number of players that you can run into and the fact that your PvE gear actually does matter (Level does not, since you're boosted to 80 temporarily if you're not, but the lack of numbers on your gear will affect your performance).

This is the best advice that I can give. Hopefully it's enough to give you an idea of how to start out again. Good luck on your adventures in Tyria!

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Ranger and Necro have always been fun classes to play imo, that are a little bit less skill intensive right off the bat so one's not overwhelmed when starting out. As far as the f2p aspect, I do want to point out if you didn't know you can always buy gems with gold if you didn't want to spend real money, that's mainly how I end buy stuff from there when I want something. End game you can get gold fairly easily from meta's and fractals and even spvp seasons give some good gold.

You mentioned playing f2p before but do remember you can't WvW right away or go into lions arch until you reach certain levels just an fyi. I believe it's 60 for WvW and 30 for LA.

And hey, anything to make that game more fun for you, that's what it's all about, so it's not silly in the least.

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Thanks for the replies.

I still attend to focus on my sole account, as I'm currently leveling a Mesmer and having fun. Yes having gold is nice and buying gear from tp help etc and the extra bag space is really nice and not to mention bank space.

I sort of want to still do an f2p account, while still focusing, on my main account.

I was also thinking of doing some challenges on my f2p account, such as the term "Live off the land" no tp stuff, only use what I get in drops and maybe quest/level rewards.

I also kinda want to do the challenge, forgot the name but, basically, you do zone 3-5 levels higher than you. I was also thinking of maybe live streaming or making lets play series, for the first time ever, but in that regards, I would wait until I start to build my new computer.

But I might skip that part, another thing I was thinking of doing is picking my own builds etc, not meta or what others say.

I can go on forever and list bunch of things I would like to do on the f2p account and my sole account.

I like how f2p, forces you to level to unlock content, sure limited bag/bank space kind of sucks, and not being able to chat sucks but I rarely chat anyways. I would try to find a way to join a guild as f2p, since well you can't whisper, so it's kinda hard to join a guild.

Anyways, thanks again for the replies and any other future ones.

Still looking for advice, and opinions on both my main account and perhaps f2p account.

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@"ProverbsofHell.2307" said:Sorry, but why do you keep throwing your toys away? Am I reading this right? You purchased the game expansions on multiple occasions and accounts... yet you want to leave behind those already paid for accounts, in favor of a free to play account?....

I only quit the one account, which was the one I boosted characters on and did part of PoF story to get Raptor. As for my second account, I never said anything about quitting it. I'm still going to play on my main account no matter what, even if I decide to start an "f2p" account.

@Linken.6345 said:It sound like you have what 3 accounts in your op?

Well you can always use any paid account to get login rewards.

True, but since my first account isn't that old, I'm going to try to get a refund for it. Since I only play my new main account and haven't logged into that account in weeks.

I still debating rather or not to start an f2p account, even if I do I will still main and play my main account.

I guess the main reason why I want to kind of start an f2p account, even if people may not understand. I find I can reach my goals easier with an f2p account, and if I get bored of it, I can just log onto my main.

In the end, I probably will wind up with two accounts, provided I get the refund on the first one, which is the one I boosted characters on and did some PoF/HoT ETC.

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Don't take this the wrong way... but do you have OCD? I have heard of people with OCD who will demonstrate this kind of "starting fresh" behavior. Throwing away paid for accounts etc which might seem unreasonable to others.

I have the feeling you are becoming stressed with the game because you are having too many loose ends? I can see why that would make the game feel stressful. My advice is leave the guild for now. It will only further sidetrack you.

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It’s a game. Have fun however you want. If you want to do free to play challenges, go for it. I wouldn’t, but I’m not you, and I enjoy different things.

If you can’t get refunded on the first account, I’d suggest logging in for free daily login rewards (mystic coins and laurels both convert to gold if you need it on the other account). You also might want it down the road, and the various login rewards will be a nice perk if you do. You might not, but you’re still getting gold for it. But you sound like someone who would come up with something you’d want to do that involves the account.

You might also consider trying to recover your old account. You might have Living World content unlocked, and could always pillage it for gold to feed other accounts (convert to gems to unlock Living World, for example). It just sounds like you are the type of person who would want the story content from Living World, which is why I mention it. Even though it seems ridiculous to suggest even more accounts for you to manage.

In any case, do what you enjoy. It’s a video game. There really is no other objective more important than having fun.

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