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Illusionary Ambush thoughts


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About 2ish weeks ago I decided to pick up my Mirage. I rarely played mesmer up til then aside from JP's. I wanted to try something different and I did enjoy a bit of mirage when PoF dropped (my first PoF 2v1 was won with it in WvW)

In my build I use the aforementioned ability and it has saved me and done me well (so I am not ready to change it), however 1 thing that does irk me is how randomly placed you are when you use it...not so much when in a fight, but when either chasing someone down (you never face the target, so dont know if you overshot them are where they are until you move your camera...possibly wasting your ambush attack)

Same thing if ther are in a spot above you that you can teleport to (ie ABL SWC bridge), doesnt actually port you to them, wasting another ambush. Anyone have tips or similar experiences? (and its not a tip to tell me to drop the utility). When it works, its a really fun ability to mess with your opponents mind.

Thanks :)

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