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Do we got a ninja nerf on most of skill??


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i just found out something damage coefficient different between wiki and real game tool tip on some main skill like bomb and grenade ect... (most of it are in explosion )

according to wiki,Surprise Shot and sword 2 got 1.0 damage coefficient =>981(on my tool tip)sword 3 got 1.5 damage coefficient =>1472(on my tool tip) 1472/981 = 1.5 damage coefficient (so we know it's right damage coefficient)Grenade Barrage got 0.6 damage coefficient => 589 (on my tool tip) 589/981 = 0.6 damage coefficient (so we know it's right damage coefficient)Big Ol' Bomb got 2.475 damage coefficient => 2428 (on my tool tip) 2428/981 =2.475 damage coefficient (so we know it's right damage coefficient)

so it proofs 981 = 1.0 damage coefficient


bomb 1 on wiki got 1.25 damage coefficient , but 1131 (on my tool tip) 1131/981 =1.15 damage coefficient (0.1 lower than wiki)bomb 2 on wiki got 0.25 damage coefficient , but 226 (on my tool tip) 226/981 = 0.23 damage coefficient (0.02 lower than wiki multi 4 times hit = 0.08 lower)

on Grenade too

skill 1 on wiki got 0.33, but only got 0.30 on game tool tipskill 2 on wiki got 0.63, but only got 0.58 on game tool tipskill 4&5 on wiki got 0.5, but only got 0.46 on game tool tip

i went throgh skill and realize most of skills got nerf

Elixir Gun, Tool Kit and so on , damage coefficient all got lower than wiki said

i didn't see any patch or update said change on everything, what happen here??i saw those data on wiki for years , the number was right on old kit for sure!

any idea??

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@Vagrant.7206 said:How recently did you notice this?

And did you try testing the skills instead of just tooltip? Sometimes tooltips can be inaccurate.

1/22 right before update, it's really hard to test those number since the different is in between 10% (1.25 vs 1.15) i don't know how to test itbut i did test bomb auto to compare with sword 1 auto , and find out bomb auto right now for me is 20k vs sword auto 19.3kand if with 50% heat, it's 20k vs 21.3k, sword auto is winning bomb auto! not even metion u can add 2~3 sword 2 during the 50~100 heat period to gain additional damage

it's really not much different between those 2 skill, the only problem is u have to finish the sword chian to get max damage but for bomb u don't

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@Lunateric.3708 said:I believe kits have another weapon strength, they don't take the one from your currently equipped weapon. So that's why.

I know that , and ppl who have done those number on wiki must know that too! and i saw those data never been changed for such long time(over 2~3 years)that's because no one even see an update patch said those numbers have been changed !I did those math by myself before and it match on wiki's data...

but right now it dosen't match anymore

that's why i say if there's a ninja patch we didn't know about

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