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pls patch Material Coffer again


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Patch from 01/23/2018:


Changed the Desert Crafting Material Coffer in the PvP and WvW reward tracks to give players a choice of recipes.

My problem is, that now you have to "dklick, scroll, dklick" to dispose your loot. Yes I do the trackline several times again.No one needs multiple recipes, so the loot selections is unnecessary.

This intermediate loot is basically a secondary matter anyway. You could also remove it at the same time,but upgrade the interesting boxes with something useful.

Just don't bother us with superfluous micromanagment, pls.

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This chest is still cancerous and needs some reworking. It requires a minimum of 4 clicks just to consume one and there is no possible consume all function. This to date is the only item in the game that I routinely will destroy just because of how annoying it is to deal with.

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