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Guild deco and weapon suggestion.


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Hey everyone,

I have two suggestions to you today.

The first Thing is the Guild Hall Decoration. You can build many of Decoration and place it nearly wherever you want, but what about to interactive with it? It would make the GH more interesting.I mean, what can you do in there? Level a job, decorate and farm the daily Spots. That's pretty much it. Yes, there are also the Upgrades on what you can work on but they don't do really much except an external change, in my opinion. I don't say the GH is a bad thing, no no, but it would makes her better.For example: You can do Guild Meetings like a camelot round table or something like that and for the Roleplay People it would be a great thing as well :) Pls make that happen.(PS: There already no Beds in the Decoration. Pls do that too ^^ )

The second Thing is a Two-handed Ax.We have, for the Main Hand, always a small and a big Version of a Weapon: Pistol -> Rifle; Scpter -> Staff; Dagger -> Sword -> Greatsword; Mace -> Hammer; Short Bow -> Longbow. So why is there no Two-handed Ax?It's a freaking nice Weapon and it is even already in the Game. Yes it is! The Axemaster Hareth in Dragon Stand have a Two-handed Ax with Animations and Skills. Why we doesn't have it? T.TIt's a weapon I miss very much in this game... and who doesn't want a big charr with a Two-handed Ax in his Warband? :D

I'm pretty sure i'm not the only one how think this. So let me know in the comments what you Guys think about it.I'm curious :)

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