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We might need a viable power spec for next PvP meta


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Weaver, spellbreaker, firebrand and scourge all receive extremely strong anti-condition options. Some of them are so strong that I think they completely negate condition in any small scale fights.

So I think we might want to start working towards viable power spec for both chrono and mirage for the next PvP meta.

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@Daharahj.1325 said:Split surge was doing quite a bit of damage during the demo, and it's going to be hitting 2.5 times harder post-buffs, with the adjustments to ambush consistency for clones we could be looking at a pretty solid sustained power build, albeit not as spiky as chrono, we'll see.

You hwot?Split Surge has a coefficient of 1.2 over the course of 1.5s.The "buff" to this skill mainly only affects Clones, which puts the damage of the clones more inline to the damage you deal (which is pretty low). The main buff to this skill is the beam width, which, if I interpret it correctly, makes it cleave to the side more than it used to.

Consider this:Greatsword Auto Attacks already cleave, albeit in a beam (line) as opposed to the side.The coefficient/second of Split Surge is 0.8.The coefficient/second of GS Auto is 0.54/0.675/0.81/0.945 which means that as long as you are in the outer 50% range, you gain more damage by just auto attacking versus using the Ambush.The coefficient/second of Sword auto is 1.4. Note if you count actual time this number is slightly lower, but then you also have to account for the third auto which has two coefficients of 0.9 and 1.32 which ends up bringing this number back up (if not higher).

The Greatsword Ambush is quite literally only a power damaging attack. Unlike other Ambushes, it does not have any riders (with the exception of cleave, which isn't even something new to the Greatsword auto attack), and only performs well if you decide you want to channel within 600 range of an opponent.

Additionally, this skill does not benefit from the Greatsword GM Imagined Burden to apply Cripple (or grant Might). (Untested on my end, going off of hearsay.)

So I highly disagree with Split Surge allowing a solid sustained power build.

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