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Does Ambidexterity affect MH Dagger?


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Indeed they do, you can see this effect working in the gw2skills.net builder.this makes Dagger/X and X/Dagger or Torch setups pretty neat as you can get the condi damage buff on both weapons sets now.And the cooldown portion also works on the Main-Hand as ProtoMarcus already verified for you ;)

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@extremexhero.9178 said:But now is it worth to take dagger/torch over axe/torch as you lose the projectile combo in exchange for fire shield from leap?

We don't this because Anet has just changed dagger MH and I suspect that there will also be several changes to the core class, maybe even to the weapons.

If you want to know if it would've been worth to take D/T over A/T during the demo:Nope.

Axe is short ranged, it has that shotgun skill, but it's still a ranged weapon that deals more damage than dagger MH, doesn't feel as clunky (in certain scenarios) and gives you in hectic fights still more damage uptime than a meele weapon, even if that meele weapon would on paper deal the exact same damage.

But like I said, we're still waiting on a huge balance update for tomorrow so this information is now already outdated.

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