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A gentle suggestion to fix Scourge (and help all further necro specs in one fell swoop)


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Let's keep this really simple.

What do we need? Something that makes us wanted in groups. Solution:

  • A new trait in blood: Attacks from you or your minions corrupts the blood of the attacked enemy, reducing their Toughness by [-150] for 3 seconds. This debuff does not stack with itself.

This enables us to also improve the damage of our group and is in the unique necromancer flavor of corruption. Having one necro along on Cairn would be a 6% damage buff for the raid. On Slothasar, it'd be 7% if my math checks out. This is unique, flavorful, and useful, and has a variable effect on different bosses. It is also pretty easy to implement.

Now that we have group buffs, let's help Power Reaper

  • Reaper Greatsword gains additional scaling for ferocity, one point of ferocity counts as 1.5 points for the purpose of damage. [Does not apply in WvW/PvP]

Now let's save scourge

  • Oppressive Collapse has a range of 600 for the might generation
  • Dessicate has a radius of 600 for the might generation, and grants 20% life force [Does not apply in WvW/PvP]
  • Barrier decay is slowed by concentration

Net effect of these changes:

  1. ALL necro specs have something to actually help their group with. No longer are we selfish shellfish. This helps condi reaper, power reaper, and scourge.
  2. Power Reaper gets higher damage number, especially burst damage with their favorite weapon: The greatsword. This should make power reapers in itself, who doesn't love damage numbers?
  3. Scourge becomes a proper support spec. Getting concentration allows barrier to last longer, might generation is reasonably possible at the level of a cPS warrior, and life force outside of PVP is improved.
  4. ITS FLAVORFUL! We corrupt the very blood of our foes to let us and our allies rip em to shreds!
  5. These are PVE changes. None of them are OP there - in fact, the new trait in blood is weaker than the buff package a cPS warrior brings. WvW fans can rejoice, necro won't hurt them anymore there.
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