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Dual Condi-thief Cancer Spamers


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How to fight against 2 Dual Condi-thief???

Obviously, I'm not looking to 1 v 2. But as a solo-Quer, if I match against 2 Dual Condi-thief, how do I go about asking my team mates to handle this shit?

In this game, I was Scrapper and basically no one in my team, including myself, were able to survive more than a few seconds with the 2 Condi-thief just spam-dodging around.

By the end of the game, they just camp at our spawn point and farm us, which was not fun at all. The only one who can survive a little longer, was the Condi-thief on my team...maybe I should play a Condi-thief as well, maybe that's the only way?

How to post picture? This new forum is different...

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s/d dd doesn't have any interrupts, it just takes 1 aurashare ele to camp in water att and those thieves are useless.

If one of them is a s/p condi dd then i'm afraid you're out of luck.

Condi thief is something that needs to be looked at; not numbers necessarily, just the frustrating factor. They need to have more windows of opportunity for enemies to retaliate.

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