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[EU][PvE] Mantle Assasins ~ Formed 2005 ~ Small community


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Guild Name: Mantle Assasins [MA]Server: FarShiverpeaks [EU]Formed: 9th November 2005 in Guild Wars 1Website: www.mantleassasins.comSpoken Language: EnglishApplications: Here


About the Guild:

Mantle Assasins (a typo we made back in 2005, and have kept since!) is a small European Guild Wars 2 Community. We consist of a stable and loyal player-base of adults aged 18+ who have similar goals within the Guild Wars 2 Universe. Originally we formed in Guild Wars 1 in 2005, and a number of those who joined us in Guild Wars 1 continue to be a part of the community in GW2, helping to maintain a solid community that has stood the test of time.

The [MA] Way:

Something that we started back in the early days of Guild Wars 1, was what we dubbed "The MA Way". To sum this up into an understandable concept - within MA we do not aim to be #1 in PvP, WvW or Dungeons, our main goal is to create the best experience we can in a laid back atmosphere and have a laugh while we're at it. The team gets wiped? We just laugh in the face of team wipes, get back up and jump right back in without all the aggro & rage you get from a lot of other guilds out there! Although don't get the wrong idea, we're very good working together as a community, but without the tension of being criticised if you or we muck up :)

The only area where members of the community promote more organised play (proper equipment, builds and rotations), will be for raid content, as this is the only area of the game that really needs it.


To make an application, simply head over to the "Apply Here" section of our website to get started! Applications are handled by the Officers & Leader of the Guild within the application on the website. If we like what we see, we'll forward you an invite in-game and provide you with the information you need to join our WhatsApp groups.


We use 3 forms of communication outside of the game.

  • TeamSpeak: This is pretty self explanatory as it has been around for so long. We will use TeamSpeak to communicate fluently while doing in-game activities, but people will also just pop on to chat about things not necessarily related to GW2 specific.
  • Forums: Over the years the purpose of our forums have changed and adapted. In previous years this was the backbone of communication for our community outside of the game. With the introduction of new and more convenient technologies, our forums now serve as an area to announce guild changes, events, and for anything that's helpful to be able to look at later down the line (like new recruits introducing themselves!).
  • WhatsApp: This is something we started doing back in 2014, and now nearly 80% of our community use our WhatsApp groups. WhatsApp is our main method of on the fly communication outside of the game. We also utilise an LFG Group separate from our main chat so people can look for guild groups to do things in-game and contact them easily.


  • Applicants are to be aged 21 or above, the average age of our community is around 26.
  • Own Heart of Thorns and/or Path of Fire
  • 100% representation IS NOT required, just be sociable!
  • An application must be submitted on our website
  • Must be willing to use TeamSpeak
  • Must be willing to use WhatsApp

What we're currently looking for:

  • People who are actively sociable. People that enjoy getting on TeamSpeak to chat, or use WhatsApp to communicate.
  • Tier 4 Fractals - We don't do Tier's 1-3 unless they're recommended.
  • People interested in raids - We currently run raids twice a week, one training on Thursday's, and one progression run which call our 'roster raids' on Monday's. Our roster raid group requires all participants to have at least 1 DPS and 1 support profession properly geared, and to provide a DPS report showing you're able to reach 85% of the snowcrows benchmark. We're happy for both experienced and inexperienced to join us, as long as you're willing to listen, learn and improve.
  • PvPers - We only have a minority in the guild that enjoy PvP actively right now, but the guild leader plays a lot of ranked PvP, and would really like to get involved in tournaments, which requires 5 man teams.
  • We also play a number of other games together, like Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends, Counter Strike and several others.
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