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Apologies to the team behind the no doubt beautiful POF Soundtrack


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I have the music turned off in EVERY game, except for classic MS-DOS DooM (I love FM synthesis).Where is the music supposed to come from anyways? Epic orchestras behind the next bush or a hidden iPod inside my brain?

It was in games like MYST when I learned sound design is more about ambient SFX than blasting rock, pop or celestial harps all over the place. When walking trough a Skritt cavern, I hear a bass drone, water dripping, crumbling rocks and the sound of my Asura's feet walking on sand or pebbles, the reverb clearly audible. Screetching spiders or yelling female Skritt, the sound of pistols being fired, the sound of battle and stress of both of us and the noise of the bullet casings dropping to the ground, then turning back to silence after my foe died. THIS is "my music".


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