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Curse you Anet, tomorrow my mesmer will lose all credibility


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Back in 2012, when GW2 launched, there was no doubt in my mind a mesmer would be my main. Actually Anet made the decision for me since monk and mesmer were my favorite professions in GW1. I simply had to find a name for her. I was reading the Malazan Book of the Fallen at the time and had plenty of ideas for the first part of her name. The idea for the second part of her name was inspired by the Lucasarts game Loom I used to play on my Amiga 500, a poetic game with an interesting take on magic. And so I named my mesmer Felisin the Weaver.

Tomorrow Felisin the Weaver who is not a weaver will be the laughing stock of all those arrogant Ele's with their new elite spec. PvE, PvP, WvW, in every game mode her credibility will be nerfed. "You chose the wrong class noob!" I already hear them say. I will not even be able to dodge roll away from their insults! Will anyone hear my cries of pain and frustration?

All kidding aside, thanks Anet for 10 wonderful years and I wish everyone a great PoF launch!

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Trope-bending names are great.

  • Role playing: Felisin the Weaver studied to be an elementalist and realized the error of his ways.
  • Role counter-playing: Felisin the Weaver will confound lesser PvP opponents in more ways than one.
  • Roll playing: Felisin the Weaver will order bagels when everyone expects him to stick to his low-carb diet.
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