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Mini Trahearne


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Why doesn't a mini Trahearne exist yet? I would love to get a mini version. I know a lot of people hate him, but some people like Trahearne and would love to get a mini.

Many NPCs have a mini versions of themselves, and some even have more than one version.But not a single one of Trahearne. :<

I know that such a suggestion already existed in the old forum, but I couldn't comment on that thread anymore.https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/game/gw2/Mini-Trahearne/first#post6748825That's why I started this new one.

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@dusanyu.4057 said:i want a mini Trahearne with a broken Caladbolg stuck in his split head.

Too soon ?

No, not too soon xD You made me laugh. I wouldn't mind MORE mini versions, even that one sounds funny. But first, please give us a normal version? You now...withouth Caladbolg stuck in his head? xD

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@CharterforGw.3149 said:

@Myrdreth.6829 said:

@Alanar.9854 said:I'd still take one over a mini Braham!

I want an interactive mini Braham please. One that I can throw into a lava pit, or over a cliff, or kick really far away over and over again. That would be fun. :P

a new finisher, Braham's corpse falling on the enemy

That's the most beautiful idea ever!

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