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[SOUL] NA/PVE/Casual/Active, Seeking Veteran Players and New Players!


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Phantom Soul Reavers [sOUL]

SOUL is an active guild in search of new members to strengthen our ranks. We are a new guild formed by a group of “misfits”. We have several goals that we try to follow but our current focus is on expanding the guild, levelling and building up the guild hall. We have a wide range of players looking in all directions of game play in GW2. Fractals & guild missions are the main events that we regularly are running until we can expand into Raids and WvW.

The only requirements to join our ranks are:

Age of 25+ ( All ages Considered!)Discord

The activity within the guild is mostly on weekends. Don’t get discouraged as we do have players logging in regularly through the day on week days. At the end of the day we created this guild with ideology of being a dedicated group of friends. We want to build a community where there is no elitism or favouritism. Everyone is treated as a family in here, were all here to have fun. Let’s keep it that way!

Please note that we are on NA servers.

Visit our website: http://psr.shivtr.com/ Please fill out the short application.

@havenstance.1746 said:We're still looking for new and old players alike to not only fill our ranks but to aid us in the beginning of progression raids. We do have a guild hall and are working on leveling that as well, we run daily fractal groups, there's also open opportunities for anyone who would like to lead a dungeon party, Our home server for the moment is SoS and I myself do enjoy running WvW so I wouldn't mind getting a small group together to do that as well. Truly if you're looking for a home, with real friends who actually care about your well-being and will assist you in your progression throughout the game, you really couldn't ask for a better guild. If your still on the fence I challenge you to come give us a try, experience the SOUL difference. I won't say we're the best guild in GW2, however I'll let you make that determination for yourself and if you as a member ever had any suggestions to make the guild better any of the admins, officers, founders, or even the leader are always available for any questions, concerns, or comments. Feel free to message myself or Yash and we will happily get you setup within the guild.

We look forward to having plenty of laughs with you in the future.


Your new home :)

Havenstance.1746 (Founder)wolfieblitz.9583 (Leader)Yashira.8720 (Admin)

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Hi! I would like to join if possible. I usually only play like 3 times a week though. It isn't much. I am a casual player but kind of looking for a helpful place. I started with Guild Wars 1 in 2005 and got into this one about a year ago. I have a couple of 80s, but feel like I still do not know what is going on in the game. Well, I am still looking for a guild! Thanks for reading! :)

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