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[PoF][Lore]Is it really happening?


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As we all know, we're going to kill Balty in PoF. It's going to be hard. We killed Abaddon in Nightfall while he was imprisoned and we were Ascended, Closer to the Stars, Lightbringers, and whatnot. Now we're going to face a furu pawa god on some dragon juice. That's cool, it should be hard, we can make it.

The problem is: after a god is killed, some divine essence is left behind. Remember what happened to this essence in Nightfall? And this time, sure as hell it's not going to be the player who gets to be a god. This being said, ANet, please tell me you're not going to make another pathetic life form a god even though it is clearly the player who has done all the dirty work.

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