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[Story Blocked] Charr Shaman line - 'Lighting the Beacons' showing (wrong step)

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The following bug was re-reported a couple weeks ago - this appears to have re-surfaced during an earlier patch. Bringing it to the new forum as the Bug Tracker page has not been updated in over a month as well...


For archive purposes: I am at the step in the 'Sire is a Shaman' story where you're 'meeting' him at the first time in the Black Citadel (being vague for spoiler's sake). The step name being shown is currently called 'Lighting the Beacons,' which is incorrect (should be the last instance in 'Searching for the Truth'), and Forktail is not responding properly.

You are also unable to exit the instance - you have to exit to character swap or desktop to get out.

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As we are now past the expected round of patches, I am patiently bumping this topic. The Renegade character in question is now stalled on the old Personal Story, and this also breaks advancement for new players who decide to start with a Charr character on this set of choices.

I am willing to re-submit the Bug if needed.

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