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Iron Marches | Defeat the fire shaman and his minions | Event doesn't finish


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During the event, the Fire Shaman boss summons a bunch of fire elementals. Killing these should make the health bar of the large fire elemental go down.

As you can see in the video, once the big fire elemental loses all its health, it disappears, but the event doesn't continue. The Fire Shaman remains invulnerable and doesn't move, and the small fire elementals just continue spawning. In the video you can see I kill a couple more of the fire elementals and nothing happens. As far as I can see, the event just gets stuck like this for as long as that map instance continues to exist (Iron Marches doesn't seem to ever be particularly busy, so when I log in and back out I always come back into the same instance, no matter how much time I leave).

The Dev Tracker shows that this issue (or a very similar one) was Solved on 2017-08-07. Did something happen recently to revert this, perhaps?

This is a little frustrating, because completion of this event is tied to the Wild Abandon collection, the Berserker specialisation collection. Completion of this event gives you the Everburning Coal, which for me is the last piece I need. I've encountered this bug with this event twice in succession now; if it's possible, could I just have this item mailed to me, please, or just have that part of the collection checked off?

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