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Grindhouse Gaming Recruiting PvX - Ebay

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╭━━━━━━╮● Who We Are╰━━━━━━╯Hello! Grindhouse Gaming [GH] is looking for fun, HUMOROUS, active players to join our established community. We are an old guild stemming from gw1 with emphasis towards shenanigans and quaggans. We have a very efficacious group of people with a major focus in WvW while still giving our PvE players all the love they need. We have community events to include players of all levels, classes, and interests with the goal of keeping all of our members interested in this game and with each other. Our guild hall is fully upgraded and have leadership positions available to players who are interested in proactive involvement within GH. Our members range from hardcore WvW veterans, to dragon chasers. We've got everything, and our community is always helpful to those in need.

╭━━━━━━╮● Requirements╰━━━━━━╯

  • Be at least 17
  • Active
  • Have a great sense of humor

If you have any questions or would like to join us, feel free to either pm me in game or visit our website.

Website: ghgaming.net

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