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New Engineer here


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Hi guys. So I just finally got around to making my first engineer and I wanted some advice from vets on the class since there are no serious Engineers in my guild. I main Elementalist, so I'm not unfamiliar to complex classes so I'm not worried too much about the learning curve. I mostly would like to know the state of Engineer from a WvW perspective, from roaming 1vXs up too zerging. What I should start working on in terms of gear. I prefer the idea of Scrapper since I like running around with a hammer, but I know holosmith is pretty strong now too. Any links to youtube vids and whatnot would be appericated as well. I know somethings have changed with the latest balance patch so any advice would be appreciative. Thank you everyone. :)

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From wvw perspective:

Scrapper is a tanky and supportive specc. survivability is with defensive stats pretty good. damage is sustained but not that great.Hammer has a lot of defensive aspects, and as a stand-alone weapon viable without using kits.Holosmith is our burst specc. defense isnt good as scrapper, but the damage and burst is much better.Photon Forge has a lot of strong skills, paired with bursty rifle you can easily down low-sustain enemies.And core engi has also some builds which are... ok

as scrapper 1v1 or smallscale build you can use something like this with balanced sustain/damage:http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vdAQFASnUUBtbhFYB2XBEqilJji+vr79W8ZKgAIc7SmwC-j1BEQBOU5HAeAANS9HEeBAg3+DxRHwGVCCA-w

as scrapper zerging or in guild you can use this more supportive one:http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vdAQFASncoCtbhFpCepCEqil7jKciCgNheVb1aV8A2oOC-j1BEQBcRJI82fAhXAg4oDAAPAgGp+jTU+BA-w

Holosmith as 1v1 or smallscale you can use the dodge build which relies on dodging and endurance regen:http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vdAQFAUnUUB1IjFYB2XBcJjlBDTsdUCCBfBg1z7pvHOEPiA-j1xHQB6R9HvoDAAPAAGqE8fK/C3+D57CAAA-w

or if you dont like the Holosmith dodge build and want a little bit more sustain and mobility u can use this:http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vdAQFAUnUUB9dhFYB2XBcJjlJDrvDOCThjrn2zZR8ZUACAA-j1BEQBOU5XjU/xd6A2oSQA8AAg3+DI8CAAA-w

And as core engi backline grenadier u can run this one:http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vdAQFAUlUUhCsYJWw+KQ7FLvF13QFhBA4GGipl4F1EJBA-j1BEQBI8CA4QlfA4BAAv9H8n6PbUJo70BAA-w

Core condi roaming:http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vdAQJAqalUUh2tYfXw+Kw6FLsF1YOOG1mYHNFPB4HWiBAA-j1xCQBrUJIg0DAgHAwGV+NhTAgnU/RI7PAA-w

(note that gw2skills isnt yet updated to the newest patch)

Almost every engi build in wvw needs elixir S and alchemy trait line

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In short: All engie builds including elites are unviable for zerging, while scrapper/holo has some uses in roaming. The only segment that truly shines is holo in smallscale parties. A boon sustain holo can be damn near unkillable while doing tons of AoE damage and constantly pumping out stuns. If supported by more holos/fb/sb they are like a freight train hitting you.

I still try to love my rabid p/p scrapper dualwielding hopes but it's really hard in the post PoF enviroment. Either people bring insanely strong power builds or they bring... well, scourges. We all know why. You cant really compete with either. Having a bugged function gyro so you cant even stomp people doesnt exactly help.

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