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Is it time to change boon visual tell animations outside of combat?


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I will be completely honest, with all the particle visual clutter in the game, is there are reason at all to have this extra visual clutter outside of combat situations? Visual cues are not needed outside of combat. Even in combat, thanks to boons like stability having no visual cues, looking at the status bar is still more consistent. Some of the boons I feel are bigger offenders at this, aegis comes to mind as a particularly intrusive effect. Especially for players who don't like having these crazy particle effects on their characters, it can do quite a bit to break the immersion.

Even if it's on a boon-by-boon basis, which ones do you think should not be visible outside of combat? There are already animations for the application of boons themselves, I'm talking about the prolonged intrusive effects that linger while the boon is active. This is true for classes like Guardian who constantly have aegis applied to them. Feel free to discuss.

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@Linken.6345 said:

@Linken.6345 said:Since the topic name is asked as a question my answer is.No it is not.

What use are they outside of combat?

Not much I admit but spending resources on find a way to hide them then make them pop up if you get into combat again is better used elsewere imo.

Not like they are in the way anyway.

They are quite in the way if you play classes like Guardian where it is permanently attached to your character. There's technology to make them invisible when your weapons are stowed, surely it wouldn't be a large commitment of resources..

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