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Most valuable/useful utility items in Guildwars 2? (Gemstore/TP)


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As the title says, I am curious what you think are the most valuable/useful utility items in Guildwars 2. You may guess that this can only result in a poll, but there is no poll-icon on the thread. Well, honestly the poll-system on this board is useless for every multi-choice question. If I want to recreate this with our current system, I would have to make a poll for each item on the list >_>.

For ANet this entire board is written in stone. Changes/Adjustments are impossible. And if something is buged (like the edit function), we have to wait an enternity for a fix. So I was looking for alternatives, thanks Google ^^.

> What are the most valuable/useful utility items in Guildwars 2? <

How I intended this to work:

  • you use the link and select all the items you believe to be useful (does not matter if you actually own them or not)
  • you use this thread to discuss your decisions, explain why you have made your choices.
  • there are not listed any cosmetics, skins, dyes ... etc. only stuff that has a practical use
  • most of you might be able to exploit that poll with a few clicks, but I honestly ask you: please keep it fair ^^

ANet does not like this kind of approach and I am aware of the consequences. But merkelling does not solve a problem.

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