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I can't queue into PvP

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I have restarted the program, but same problem. I rebooted my machine, and now there is a tiny difference: when i click on either of the 2 boxes either ranked or unranked, the box itself blinks and makes a noise, but that is all. It does not queue me in. Anyone have this problem? How can I report this? Should I do a reinstall? I just bought the expansion a couple of days ago, but I have been playing non-stop since then and no problems.

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@madmax.8367 said:Not working when im in duo. The only thing i can join is duel server. Its strange.

What about if the other person clicks to enter the queue? Is the other person experiencing the issue also? If so, maybe try with someone who isn't. Have you tried ATs?

Anyway, open a support ticket if you haven't already. If people are experiencing the issue differently, it may be helpful for Support to have information from different sources.

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Sadly, same thing here. I just came back from victorious ranked, and boom - nothing reacts. Even asked my guildbuddies if they have same thing (is it my client/account having a bug, or was it just global) and it seems it's only me.

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