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[Suggestion] Tonic Closet

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As an avid lover and collector of tonics, it would be amazing if there was some kind of tonics closet similar to the 'Wardrobe" for "outfits" or place to put them that could share between characters. Some tonics (like the minature combat tonic or the giant combat tonic) are one only per account, and when you switch characters, it can be tiring to have to transfer tonics from bank to inventory. Right now I have like 23-25 spaces devoted to those lovely tonics XD. And as I collect more, ever expanding. Right now I play one character primarily, but as I play the other characters more often I find myself each and every time having to devote time to go to the bank, transfer the tonics, return, etc, which is pretty annoying. Like how there are some finishers that are not infinite/endless but only have a certain number, could put that in there too. One of my favorite tonics is the salad dog tonic (that is, the sylvan hound tonic) you get at bloodtide coast. I just have way too many to transfer them all at once per each character I play on, and the bank can't hold them all-- to transfer all 23 would be several relogging in etc, and sometimes the character does not even have the bag space for it. I still wind up having to relog several times to transfer just those too cute tonics onto my characters (mini combat and mystery cat and quaggan are the ones i just keep having to shift.) I would love to devote bag space to a more fun setup, like for them weapon loot instead of transforming into things. XD Also as a terrible lagger, it's a big pain to have to relog every time to switch tonics.

I'm a first time poster, please move this is this is the wrong spot for it haha. If there is already a post somewhere to upvote or a better place to suggest this, I would be happy to upvote or suggest there.

What do you all think? What do you tend to do with tonics now?

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