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LFG Returning Player Starting Fresh


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Hi,Not played GW2 for a good few years now but just picked myself up a new gaming laptop and thought I'd start again with a new character as I really enjoyed playing this game last time! Just started out on Piken Square (English, Sylvari Thief) and looking for a set of people to chat/play with. I plan on leveling up quickly and the taking part in everything the game has to offer (casual gamer.) So anyone looking for new members feel free to hit me up.


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Hi, Twizzmer!

Remnants of Hope [HOPE] might be a good fit for you!

Our experience actually sounds somewhat similar. I actually came back to GW2 a couple of months ago after a few years out of game (originally started playing in beta through part of Heart of Thorns)... and everyone in RoH has been amazing with welcoming me into the guild and helping me get my bearings again.

We have a very active forum and PvE events almost every day of the week, plus fractals, raid training and PvP... pretty much anything you could want to do in-game, we have people who do it and will help you learn! We're also a very "play the game how you want to play it" kind of group... although we have a robust event calendar and great leaders for all aspects of the game, you can try a little of everything and settle in wherever you like. We have an application on our website that will help us get to know you, and of course help you get to know us, too! Feel free to message me in-game or on our forums (I'm Siscia over there) if you have any questions.

You can also check out our full recruitment post HERE

I hope to chat with you soon! :)

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Hello Twizz,

Please consider Blissful Epidemic [blis] on Gate of Madness in your search for a new guild.

We are a stable and thriving PvX/WvW guild, currently at 200 members. We have no representation requirement as long as you make an effort to engage with the guild and join us for 1-2 WvW raids per week. We can offer all the amenities of a PvE guild and provide you with a hardcore WvW raiding experience, running an average of 10-15 during WvW raids. (Server Transfer may be required for that though).

Still, our PvE and PvP experience should be enough to keep you engaged. We devote a single night a week to Raiding and have a fully upgraded guild hall, and packed Discord Channel. Oh, and bring your 1v1 skills, because we love to duel each other in our guild arena.

Our guild has now accumulated some of the finest players in Gate of Madness – former leaders, officers, drivers and WvW’ers who have played and enjoyed the game for years. We’d love to add you to the family.

Good luck in your search. Please PM me on this forum, send a mail in-game to Mysteriax.6049 or send a Discord message to Bad Axxe#2937 if you have any questions. Thanks!

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