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[LV][EU] Legacy of Viirastra, Pve, Fractal, Raid guild recruiting!


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Legacy of Viirastra, a newly formed guild is recruiting anyone who is willing to share an adventure with us.

A few words from us. We are a newly formed guild, whose aim is to do Fractals, Raids and of course Guild Missions on a weekly basis. Our leadership is experienced in both fractals and raids, but we wanted to form our own guild with players we train and share the first moments with. We are not looking for experienced or veteran players, we are searching for those guys out there who want to be part of a community, who aim to reach the veterans but don't know where to start and who has ambitions, to do so. Our sight is to have a team we know each by name and get those skills and kills together.

You are a perfect candidate if:

  • You understand, that this is just a game
  • You are tired of LFG and the expectations from everyone to know perfect tactics
  • You do want to take part in the more organized pve experience and are keen to learn it from people who are keen to teach
  • You want to take part in a good community and understand that you too have to keep it that way

What we expect from you:

  • Be active. This doesn't mean you have to play everyday and every hour, this means that you take part in weekly organized events When and If you are able to and you do let us know if you are going away for a longer period of time. The leadership too are working adults with relationships, this is what I meant by "understanding, this is just a game"
  • We don't have gear expectations, but we do have goal ones. You don't have to have full ascended but we do expect you to aim and work for it, as for Fractals it is needed.
  • If you know the tactics great, if you don't we'll teach you and figure it out together, but we expect you to listen and try to learn it.

Thats about all I wanted to share, if you like the idea of playing with us here is how you can join:Either whisper one of the contacts below, or if we are not online write an ingame email / send us a friend request!The contacts:Leader: Pecaa.4092Second in Command: Darkstar.5284

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