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Mount Summon delay

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@"Goyim God.6873" said:Is there any way to fix this? I will press the mount skill and my ride would be invisible. If I move a bit and unmount, the game teleports me back to my original location. Don't really know what to do about this. Very annoying.

This only happens when something else in the evironment has to be loaded first. Though I have to admit, that this started to happen within the first days patches after PoF was released. Since then the environment now takes much longer to load than it used to before. And the mount seems to have the least priority on the loading-list. So after entering a new map and depending on the chosen graphics settings your system most likely needs a few seconds to load everything and you'll experience the delay.

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This bug has still not been fixed. For me, it happens about 5% of the time overall, but there are specific areas where it happens consistently: the first time I mount in Lion's Arch or Divinity's Reach, or every time when I'm in some map instances. On one occasion, a few days ago in a high-player-count instance of Silverwastes, I waited a full two minutes before my character finally mounted. But having a map with a high player count is not necessary for this bug. A couple of weeks ago, I stayed in an instance of Auric Basin long after the 'low player count' warning appeared; even when I seemed to be the only remaining player in the map, I was still seeing large (average five seconds) mount delays every time I mounted.

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