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Newbie(?) help req.


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I'm not exactly new to working with the API, but when it comes to using API Keys, I'm running into some basic issues.

To access the data on a given account, you need an API key, that I get. I use GW2Efficiency, etc., but the wiki has the following listed (using dyes as an example):

https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/account/dyesAuthorization: Bearer |API key|

Could someone please tell me the following, just to help me clarify:1) is the line break just formatting? Or is the initial URL expecting a second input?2) is the word "Bearer" part of the URL, or is it actually supposed to be |Bearer| where you enter something like the account name?

Or, if it's easier, just a sample un-broken URL (exact syntax) would work too. I just need a starting point. As mentioned, I understand the API key itself, so putting |API Key| at the end of the URL is fine.


(edit: had to use pipes instead of greater-than/less-than cause the forum tries to read it as an html tag)

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Ok. one more question. How do I know which dye is associated with which dye name?I'm more used to an item having the ##### format (like 19702).
I realize the numeric system is a way of saving data transfer etc., so it makes sense over using 5 digit ID's.

I'll look on the wiki to see if there's a resource for it, but if there isn't, a link would be appreciated :)

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