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As usual, necromancer is a shambling mess of unorthodox that leaves me laughing.


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I love this class, truly I do. It's my favorite. And you'd think with a title like this I'm gonna just be ragging on it... Nope.Necro has and always will be completely ass-backwards. And I love it.

An example of this is my current favorite build to ever exist in gw2 (it's missing some optimization atm, but I'll work on it later.)http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vRAQNAof2mE9CV3gV9iluBb6BMACA6/0haSl6DMCKUA-jByGQB56IA0G9BQVJIAOBACZ/hgq+zSV+RuHBQAgDg7bf7vPw93f/93ffff/93f/93f/93ffpA8bwG-e

Why, you ask? Why not?Stacking 25 might can be done with a single button press assuming you have 100% alacrity, but you have two other supplementary might skills to cover any potential downtime. You could also take the elite if you so choose.

It's a fun build with lots of options and "okay" damage for a healer. Vampiric aura adds about 2-3k dps to a raid for free while adding equal amounts of aoe sustain with no utilities required.Necro also has the fastest res speed in the game. Only auramancer ele can come close, but they deal immensely less damage than this build.I benched at about 6k personal dps with realistic buffs, upkeeping my own might, and a really sloppy rotation.

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