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Patch did nothing to stop the scourge damage train, and i love it (vid)


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@Shazmataz.1423 said:Probably a nerf scourge thread....I guess people won't be happy until scourge is useless in wvw. It's pretty much useless for roaming now and only useful in a zerg. Anyone who can't dodge the massive red flashing circles deserves to die tbh.

I actually think scourge was/is fine. People just need to start playing other classes but scourge is so easy to play that it gets over represented.

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@"Justine.6351" said:I wish I could run bunker gear and never have to target a player while spamming ranged fat cleaving ground targeted trash and be considered an offense build.

And the sad part is that everytime a thread pops up with "necrmonacer staff needs rework" there is always that one guy who thinks marks should pulse. And all I can think is...what are shades...

You don't even need to run tanky on Scourge, you can run 2k armor 23k hp but because of barrier you are super tanky.

nice balance anet xD

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@Legendary Defender.5631 said:

@"Egorum.9506" said:It hurt spvp and pve, but did nothing really to wvw. scourges corrupt one less boon, but they also convert one less condition so the numbers stay almost exactly the same

so true. anet nerfs something but buffs it at the same time. like kitten?

Obviously you don't understand kitten you're talking about, so why not learn more about what you're talking about, especially since you're using a Necro icon you probably show some interest on the class (or it's just for the edgy factor). Because right now... You're just making a fool of yourself.

Lol you mad bro?

No, just pointing out some old wisdom: "if you don't know what you're saying, shut up".

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