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Special Forces Training Area Sugestions


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*When training on a golem, allot of what we do to really see our benchmarks, is the use of food. Can we get an option to apply food effects that work while in the training area, but goes away like the other buffs when we leave the training area?

*When setting up a moving golem, he just runs in huge circles, nothing like what we would actually face in a raid, this could be adjusted by either setting it up where a group of people could go in and practice a real raid scenario, or even be able to summon specific role golems that would act like a tank, or a healer, or DPS. Could we set up a raid scenario with our buddies that records how we react to mechanics and have them play out so we can practice a specific role. There are vital roles in every raid. Being able to practice these roles alone or with a couple of friends would be very beneficial for the raid community.

*The only reason I could see an easy mode for raids, is for people to train for an actual raid. Yes take out the content that would let you craft legendary armor and trinkets. However, maybe give them a smaller amount of magnetite shards so that they could save up for ascended gear, not a must, but given enough training time, they could learn the mechanics and earn the gear they need to make ascended armor. Or have a different currency for easy mode raids that they can buy crafting materials with. Ease the cost of making ascended gear.

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@Shara.4716 said:

@geochan.9184 said:Then i would just afk farm in training area for shards like no one's business.

Don't be greedy. Shards should be exclusive to actual raid.

You do realize the part about shards was about an easy mode raid. not the training area.

I thought you were talking about training area having an actual raid simulation that would help people know the mechanics instead of just practicing their dps and rotation, which is what your topic is about.

Good luck with your suggestion eitherway.

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