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Warriors In Night [WIN] looking for Members as well as Raiders (Training Group)


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Hey all!Warriors In Night is an international, PvX guild that has been formed for people with a mature, relaxed approach to gaming; who want a friendly, social environment in which to enjoy their adventures around Tyria. Having the right attitude is much more important to us than level, gear, or experience. We are looking for people who wish to play well in group situations and are able/willing to learn, bonding with their guild, making friends through common topics and basis.We do: weekly Guild Missions, twice weekly raid training, and weekly WvW (AG), as well as various other stuff. People are always on hand to help and if people are busy in game, I'm sure someone in our active discord will be happy to help!!

RAIDERS: We're looking for raiders to join our raid training team in the hopes to build up to full clears!! Twice a week, meta builds and discord required. Help to both understanding meta and learning the raids. So far we have completed Wing 4, Wing 1, and Wing 3 (escort/KC). We aim to expand this as the team grows and progresses as well as open a second raid team to start all over again!

Guild's principles:

  1. EQUALITY. Every member of Warriors In Night is equal to one another.
  2. COMMUNITY. Every mind, suggestion and initiative are regarded seriously.
  3. ORDER. Complete drama free environment through rigid ruling and overseeing.
  4. NO JUDGEMENT. Ability to be what you want to be in the Guild without being persecuted.
  5. ENVIRONMENT. Fun, active, and social environment for everyone to enjoy.

Reply here or mail myself or my officers in game for more info or an invite :)AwesomeOutlaw.3052 (Evi) (Leader)Lectroz.7034Elvis.8325Triannon.8034Ryuuden.5691

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