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Best scout?


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if you want to scout mainly, also outside of objectives following their zerg i would advise some stealthy build making use of SA. DE has less counterplay to staying in stealth as he can already get 40% stealth uptime alone with rifle without animation and without the risk of revealing yourself while you need to be very careful were you plant your pistol 5 to stack stealth with leaps as they can reveal you and your opponents might notice them. on top of that DE offers an elite to remove revealed wich is really helpful with the amount of anti stealth traps thrown around. altho some will tell you that deadeye is weaker then daredevil wich is sort of true, the TTK in a duel is as a deadeye higher but against most people in WvW and outside of duels i would say deadeye is alot higher reward/risk and way easier to handle as you dont need fast reaction/mechanical skill but mainly tactical skill like waiting for the right moment and spliting your opponents.i prefer to play thief, cause a thief has to make a mistake to die , other classes dont. with the marked after flipping you will have a hard time as mesmer hiding inside keeps, while it is easy as a thief if you stay stealthed and keep moving - the mark will sometimes change position to where you are but wont track you all the time so mostly even full zergs fail chasing a half decent deadeye. with this if despite your scouting and defending an object falls into enemy hands you may flip it right back when the buff is gone.

mesmer has on the other hand advantage that he has useful group skills like portal that for instance can be used for a group supply bomb or reflects to defend against omega attacks and as justine pointed out mesmer is usefull in every groupsize, while thief - especially deadeye is not.

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@"Fat Disgrace.4275" said:Any class can "scout". You have the best stealthy class/build in the game but it depends if that guy calls in map chat of what/who/where.

Had plenty of people say "blob at tower" when in fact it was 10 people and we had to guess which tower as well.

Incidently thieves are often pretty bad at that communication thing, for some reason.

Anyway, the best scout class really depend on the situation. For example an ele defending a tower/keep beat the snot out of most - they can solo kill catas/rams while reinforcement is inc. But nothing beats a thief following a zerg, since they cant take him out.

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