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Looking for a WvW/PvP build with longbow? (without HoT)


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@corruption.7425 said:As title says, looking for a wvw/pvp build using longbow, just came back after a big break and want to make sure i'll enjoy enough before jumping into the new expansions! cheers :)

Just came back myself and the metabuild site has some fine builds. Played around with several. For just standard non competitive pvp can go flat out glass cannon these days and have a fun experience. That is they solved the wet noodle problem in power builds. Obviously focused you die but personally I left because one was stuck playing bunker builds or bunker builds and as glass cannons couldn't reliably get kills.

Love the grieving rune in pvp - 1050 power and condition and 560 precision and ferocity. factor in fury opening strike crits weapon swap crits increased damage on cripples and mixing things like quickness and traps actually drops things real fast in the linear path and objective oriented pvp game. Granted your defense is kill speed/mobility and snaring traps(If applicable) +15% damage against snared and freezed etc. That just wasn't an option when I left the game it was bunker or condition or bust. Can now unlock the power of power with condition as a very functional damage addition/utility.

Haven't finished the expansions yet but they are fun.

Highly recommend experimenting with builds. The meta builds are meta but playstyle flexibility is improved if you are looking for playstyles you enjoy not just the best meta build whether you find it enjoyable or not.

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