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LFG 8-12pm pst raid time NA WvW guild

Stand The Wall.6987

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Hello all~I'm currently on Devonas Rest, that doesn't matter though cuz I can and will transfer if I find the right fit. Don't want to be in t1, been there done that. Don't want to be on TC, don't ask. I would like to find a medium sized guild (15-25) that has good group comp, not necessarily meta. In fact I would prefer to find a guild that does either off meta fun nights (all staff weaver for example) or experiments with different team comps often. I actually don't care much for meta. Its a great starting point, but like when people swore by AH, I was thinking "nah man that's training wheels" (proceeds to chest thump). The guild size isn't set in stone, could be 5-10 if we did some small scale, some tagging along with the zerg and stealthing in to get to their juicy puglet backline. I'm mostly about bigger fights, as its easier to do with my internet connection. Its terrible. I cant really 1v1 so if that's some sort of prerequisite, I mean I'll do it but I will lose lol. Unless I can play scourge or some bunker nonsense haha! In which case I would maybe do ok. I can play most classes and their builds passably. Still working on unlocking some PoF specs though, came back from a couple month hiatus recently. I can and will use comms. I require that whatever we do, we do it intelligently. Constantly running into their zerg to get wiped is not intelligent (unless we are running some sort of suicide bomber full zerk comp lol). Using choke points is, taking or defending is if it leads to fights (I'm not about ppt but will grab a few objectives for teh realm), running off of or leading our pug zerg is, using siege is only under the rarest of circumstances, leader constantly encouraging their mates to stick close is, leader having good map awareness and fight sense is. So I guess I don't ask for much. I want to be in a some what casual, some what hardcore guild where everyone good at the game or not is constantly trying to improve and try new things. Maturity required. If 75% of comms are filled with chest thumping I'm gone.Well there you have it. Hope this finds the right people.Cheers~

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