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[Suggestion] Yet another Scrapper improvement


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ANet wants Scrapper to become a tank. It's on a great track, but IMO it would still use a few improvements. Since Function Gyro is an amazing mechanic I hope it stays as it is. Maybe not so useful in PvE, but for WvW and PvP it's fun and with much wider use.

I'd like to see Scrapper have more Barrier-play. I played a bit with the new Scrapper in WvW, it has a tanky potential, it's not enough. I know Superspeed is cool, but personally, I'm not a fan of it. I'd like to change all superspeed in Scrapper traitline to Barrier.Trait changes - renaming in some cases is mandatory.

  • Adept
    • Shocking Speed - Using a leap or blast finisher in a lightning field applies Barrier around you.Pretty straight-forward support for you and all meele allies around. Maybe lower cooldown a bit.
  • Master
    • Rapid Regeneration - Regenerate health while affected by Barrier.
    • Expert Examination - don't have anything specific, but anti-condi options are on top of my head - either Cleanse a condition when applying a barrier - works both on you and allies, so plays well with new Shocking Speed and other changes, or Apply Resistance when applying Barrier. Since Engi got a very good AoE condi cleanse options with the last patch maybe simple Apply a set of boons when applying barrier could be enough. Or Damage increased 15% when you have barrier.
  • Grandmaster
    • Final Salvo - Activating a gyro grants stability and Barrier to you and allies in 900 range. First I though of [...]to you and the gyro, but I'd like to enrich support options a little. With this range, Function Gyro is still effected.

With Barrier being the main focus, Bulwark Gyro would pulse Barrier to 5 allies around.

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