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Ammo system on druid glyphs: why not?


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While I was doing wvw on my firebrand, I thought how comfortable it would be to have mantra-like skills on my support druid.Right now, glyphs are only useful in some pve content, and half of them are just bad. The glyph related trait, Verdant Etching, was nerfed long time ago and now there is no reason to use it in pvp/wvw over Celestial Shadow.So why not allow the glyphs to use the ammo system? I think it would be a good start to allow these skills to be used again. Moreover this would mean that we could use a glyph, then go to celestial avatar, and use the same glyph but with a different effect, exploiting its full potential. Also the seed trait could proc more often.

Other than this, Verdant Etching should grant an aoe boon or condition depending on which gliph we have used, something like:

Glyph of Rejuvenation: 5s aoe RegenerationGlyph of Rejuvenation (Celestial Avatar): 4s aoe Retaliation

Glyph of Alignment: 4s aoe BurningGlyph of Alignment (Celestial Avatar): 3s aoe Protection

Glyph of Equality: 5s aoe FuryGlyph of Equality (Celestial Avatar): 5s aoe Vigor

Glyph of the Tides: 6s aoe SwiftnessGlyph of the Tides (Celestial Avatar): 3s aoe Quickness

Glyph of Empowerment: 10 stacks of aoe Might for 8 secondsGlyph of Empowerment (Celestial Avatar): 4s aoe Alacrity

Glyph of Unity: 5 stacks of aoe Stability for 8 secondsGlyph of Unity (Celestial Avatar): 4s aoe Resistance

I believe that with these changes glyphs would surely have more uses in the 3 game modes. What do you guys think? Let me know :)

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