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How do you 1v1 a Daredevil?


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i use tempest and any tryhard usually dies. You need a good reaction/anticipation when he strikes. I put up fire aura + protection and start to preassure. Without your protection up he can hit you hard and it gets difficult so whatch it. He might rip it ;-). I run a viper/cele mix so strong condi damage often lets them panic. The good ones will notice whats going on and disengage. You won´t get them most of the time. Works well for me roaming. As mentioned, lighning rod build with tempest defence is realy fun too and can hut many other builds aswell. FA is harder to play and high risk so i won´t realy recomend it unless you want a challenge, but the good thing is, they won´t run away often if you win.

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