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Minis possible changes/updates [Suggestion]


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-I just discovered that miniatures take too long to follow me, literally 1.5sec have passed since she decided to begin moving. So here's my first suggestion, make player's control linked to minis ones: When I press my up arrow, my players is moving forward but my mini too simultaneously. It will avoid to see my many too far away behind me when I got speed boost, also the same case when rotating: Mini rotating the same way of player , and again simultaneously. Because It's annoying to see the mini teleporting when more than late... The only time when their are perfectly seeable and observable is when you are staring. But In my case of doing world boss, It's only at chest or waiting for a boss, but during this time, the crowd hide her! So also, when my character got a speed boost for pact commander I,II,III or whatever, the mini should have it too. :/

-Second thing, why minis have health bars? I mean, they never took damage, if they were fighting I would say nothing, but it's useless! Why aren't they help us, like I don't know, inflict a little damage/attacking the enemy sometimes? A basic damage, unchangeable, and the same for all minis? :)

-Third point, their sizes: For instance, Inquest golem Mark II is ridiculously small at the right of my human, but he have the size of my asura, what ?! Asura sized golemite? It's not a mini, it's a character sized golem! :o What is it, really?

-Four, but more a suggestion than a issue: Why not adding World bosses as mini? Ulgoth, Golem Mark II, Karka queen, Fire Elemental, Jormag, since Tequalt have his own mini.

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