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[EU] Thunder Squad is recruiting.


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Hello fellow raiders!

For our static group we’re currently looking for 2 more static raiders (and maybe some backups!). We are a group of friends and guildies, who got together in a static raid group (aka ‘Thunder Squad’!). But first things first:

What you can expect:

  • It’s a date.We raid every Wednesday at 7pm CEST
  • Friends forever.We are not a guild, but a raid team. Most of us have known each other for a while, but we’re open to make new friends. ;)
  • Let’s get them.Our final goal is a full clear in one evening. So far we can pretty much clear 2 wings in one night, but due to not having a full group and losing time with lfg, we’re optimistic that we can do better.
  • Kills and Fun.We want a nice atmosphere. We analyze raid heroes logs together, talk about rotations, tactics, etc. so that we all can improve and reach our goal. We’re ambitious, but we want to get there as a team.

What we expect:

  • Sugar over Salt.Since, we have a really nice group, we want to keep that nice atmosphere. So, we’re looking for people, who are relaxed, patient, but also ambitious and committed. While we expect everyone to be open to criticism, it is very important for us that this is done in a constructive and friendly way. Raiding is still about fun!
  • Communication is everything.Discord for the Raids is required. You should be in voice chat for the raids for better coordination.
  • Git gud.Most of us are very experienced, but we also have some more fresh raiders among us. Preferably, you are familiar with every raid boss. BUT if you know at least the mechanics (by watching guides), your rotation and bring a good amount of dps/boons/healing and just win us over with your charm, you are also welcome!
  • Top of the class.You should know the classes you bring and have them equipped with ascended gear. Preferably you have a Chrono or druid, as well as a DPS class.

Are you interested? If yes, then just message us ingame: Allergy.5928 or Lyriti.5184.

Happy raiding!

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