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TL;DW GW2: Git Gud 1.1 - Options & Keybinds


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TL;DW GW2: Git Gud 1.1 - Options & Keybinds (Optimized version!)


This is a quick post about the first (low quality lol) episode of a series I'm working on called "TL;DW GW2". The point of the series is to simply give optimal tutorials over a short amount of time. Due to this, one of the drawbacks is limiting explanations of choices during the video. However, If my time permits and enough people enjoy the content, I might work on more extended tutorials in the future. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated from anyone who wants to watch it, and I hope this short video will help some players improve their setting decisions! I'm also aware that I might be hit with opposing opinions on what to pick, especially since most of the video lacks explanations. Even if your feedback is negative, I'd still love to hear it. <3

Next episode will be on optimal movement settings/methods and how the 'in-combat' system affects movement speed/jumps.

Thanks for reading and good luck playing,


Special Thanks:Jeffies, Kronos, Naru, Half, Rarnark, Helio, Marvin, Althume, Min Scherzo, Mur, Olrun, Phantaram, Lu Bu, Vaanss, Zeromis, Zorh, Kat, Zenyus and others for keeping me active and improving my game.

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