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Sharing top 100 rank PvP Reaper build *cries*


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@Emapudapus.1307 said:

@"ZombieSlayeR.8702" said:Can u stop the heal well memes already pls

Not a meme. With Ritual of Life and Vampiric Rituals, Well of Blood is a strong Heal skill and makes for extremely fast and frequent rezzes. That said, it's definitely the easiest skill to swap when you are facing multiple Scourges, and (as shown in the screenshot in the OP), he does.

Remember: when you're in top 100, people actually do work as a team. Traited Wells setup can make your allies very hard to kill.

Except he isn't playing teamfights, He explicitly stated that he is just trolling far. He is taking the heal well for the extra protection source, which is important since on far he will probably be fighting s/d thieves and spellbreakers most of the time, both of which have boonrip.

Besides he cannot do teamfights in top 100 as reaper, keeping a reaper alive in a teamfight will consume too many of his team's support's cooldowns, and his damage could be completely shut down by a single scourge.

The OP's build really isn't that special or even good, it's just a far troller build that only works on the assumption that you are going to massively outskill all of your opponents.

Crinn salty cuz you dont use GS :) .Also from my exp., SB mostly invade your close, rarely would fight them on far.Augury of Death: you use this just for elite?

Yes XD
will the other 2 traits be better?
And were you the one who shared a version of this wells build with me?I remember someone did a few months ago XDIt is working pretty decently for me this season so thought of re-sharing it.

Yea i did, one version :).

As you have now, little chill, smaller burst (no chill of death) and only 1 shout, doesnt give much value to any of those traits, so i guess it doesnt matter which one you would pick :p .Solution:So if you want to keep Awaken the pain, i would suggest to go paladin and signet of strength for full effect, since you can live longer and longer you are alive, stronger you become. Well of suffering can become lackluster later so i would suggest to also try "Suffer" (even if enemy is not heavy condi) or "You are all weaklings" instead. Suffer gives chill which is also good for longer fights and gives more might from traits. While "Weaklings" gives might that you want to build and extra stunbreak (only 1 is often not enough). And with 1 extra shout you make Augury of death more appealing. But if you would take chill of death, i would go for chilling nova and bitter chill (and suffer).Sigil of energy is for me also meeeeh :), would rather pick agility/vulnerability/poison.

I tried some of your recommendations. I became harder to kill, but also became less able to burst my opponent down. Will definitely try it more though.

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