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Known Issues – September 22, 2017

Gaile Gray.6029

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  • ArenaNet Staff

Skimmer mounts do not hover over lava in Central Tyria.

Some female mummies are four times larger than intended.

Adventure times that are close to one another, but not equal, occasionally show as tied on leaderboards.

In the Elon Riverlands event "Guide defectors to the next oasis camp," it is possible to lead defectors outside the event area. The event should properly reset once finished.

The weaver elite specialization NPC is currently on a rooftop when he's meant to be inside the building below.

Some Crystal Desert reward items are using incorrect icons.

Harrier ascended armor has the wrong insignia and should instead be Insignia of the Bounty Hunter.

Some recipes are invalid for bags larger than twenty slots.

Bags larger than twenty slots may not sort items properly.

New exotic jewels do not display the correct stats on their tooltips.

The Book of Vlast item has two pages with incorrectly voiced lines.

In the Elon Riverlands event "Help Erran storm the Dead..," some Awakened will animate twice upon revealing themselves. In the same event, newly arriving players may see the bone gate in an incorrect state after the gates are destroyed.

The Garden of the Gods item's voiced lines and text do not match on page four.

Story (general): Some scenes have incorrect timings (e.g. interruptions, dramatic pauses).

Story (general): Some story chapters are using basic lip-flap animations instead of full lip-sync.

Story Journal: The reward icon for Path of Fire: Act 1 may not update correctly in some situations. This is only a visual anomaly and does not impact rewards.

Story chapter—Sparking the Flame (Prologue): Kiel's assistant's appearance is incorrect.

Story chapter—Hallowed Ground: Achievement-tracking enhancements are not removed upon achievement completion.

Story chapter—Facing the Truth: Achievement-tracking enhancements are not removed upon achievement completion.

Story chapter—The Way Forward: Defector Harun has a different speaking voice in his story dialogue and idle scene.

Story chapter—Enemy of My Enemy: Achievements do not properly unlock at the start of the chapter.

Story chapter—Beast of War: The final encounter can be started without completing the preceding step, resulting in the quest completing improperly.

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