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Scourge still as oppressive as ever


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Yes, another one of these threads.While the February 6th patch definitely alleviated some of the damage Scourge is able to pump out and while the patch was a step in the right direction, Scourge still hold so many builds out of the meta. Everything from Power Herald, to Core Guardian and maybe even Scrapper. The Scourge polarizes the game mode. It makes everything revolve solely around That class. The enemies NEEDS to kill it, or they die. The allies only needs to keep the Scourge alive, and the fight is won. The Blood Magic variant of the Scourge has some of the best 1v1 capabilities, and will always force a decap at the very least. (It does lose a few 1v1's to attrition) The Curses variant is still as bombarding as ever in teamfights.

Scourge in it's very nature is horrible to play against. Even though the visual queues are in place, and might -> weakness conversion has been reduced, Scourge still has enough spam to not make the tells mean anything at all and to keep permanent weakness on anyone trying to stay melee against it.This wouldn't have been a worthy thread without me offering a solution, and to me, it's quite simple. Remove Sand Savant (The big shade).

Make Scourge positioning and accuracy matter. Even removing the cripple aspect from Punishment Corruptions might be necessary. The Necromancer class already has access to some of the most area-denial in the game with wells, as we saw pre-PoF.

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I think they should also remove the scourge himself being a shade, so that you can actually pressure him if you force him out of them. Then they also can’t just run at you and press shade skills, having essentially a moving shade. I think this is the most important change to remove the braindead nature of the spec which is what matters most to me.

If this removes the viability of the class you can actually start rebuffing it as a SUPPORT like it was sold out to be.

My 2 cents. Agree with you OP btw.

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