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[NA][GoM] LF Guild Semi-Hardcore PvE/PvX


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As the title says, I'm a member of the Gate of Madness Server, looking for a PvE mainly guild.

My main focus its to clear Fractals (T4, 100CM, 99CM), Raids Runs, Dungeon Runs, World Event's and Farming Maps.I've interest in WvW and PvP, can join once in a while those runs.

Semi-Hardcore groups. Not intended to Min-Max, but at least people ho knows what to do and if we have to train to make it right that's fine for me.

Consider myself a friendly member, some black humor always welcome and at the end just want to have some fun whit a stable group.

My gaming hours are normaly 3/2 Hours before reset and weekends. (Pretty Much everyday im in)

Got my PoF xpac !

Message me or contact in game


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