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Some requests for PoF posting

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Once PoF lands I'm sure it will be all of about an hour or so before the forums here end up inevitably flooded with everyone's opinions on PoF. In light of that I'd just like to make a few requests.

-Could we please get a main/official PoF feedback thread for people to post in, maybe one that gets stickied at the top? One thread will be easier to follow, rather than having 50 threads all titled "PoF feedback/opinion/rant etc". If you want to post about PoF please see if there's already any feedback/opinion threads, each opinion doesn't need a new one.

-For those posting about PoF, please actually play it for a decent amount of time to see how things pan out in the big picture of things first. Rather than playing for 10minutes then instantly coming on here to rant about how awful you think something is. Give things a chance, and allow time for balance/fixes etc.

-When posting remember to try and keep it constructive and give a reason to your logic. Posting something like "I don't like x, it's stupid" without a reason as to why you think that, is just pointless.

Have fun, see you all in the expansion!

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