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An idea about Phantasms


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As a long time mes main, my mes Fenwulf just had his 5th b-day, I know the frustration just about all of us have with so much of our damage and class balance being tied up with phantasms. I thought of an idea, and I know some of you must have had the same or similar thoughts, but with the new forums, I figured it could be brought up again. I am suggesting some core changes to the class that I feel would go a long way toward making this class great:

1: Change phantasms from being a constant ai to a burst skill. Instead of it being persistent for the life of the target, have them summoned, do one series of their attack, then despawn. Their skill CD and numbers to be adjusted acordingly to account for their new mechanic. This would free their use up for target switching and would allow for more generous use of shatters in all game modes. This leads to:2: Have clones be the only thing that is persistent in the world, up to our current cap of three, so that they can be freely summoned and shattered as normal. This allows us to shatter as an addition to our damage rotation in all game modes instead of not using them at all in pve except for utility.3: Adjust base mes damage to bring it in line with other classes for crying out loud!

Just something that has always bugged me and I know will likely never happen, but I thought it was the only way to truly bring mes up to where it should be.

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