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I was REALLY happy when I read that... until I noticed ingame that the bouncy chests that need it the most, the ones we see most often, don't have that feature. >_>

Daily chests. THAT's what needs insta-opening. I don't even know which ones it's supposed to work on now - AP reward ones or something?

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I just tried it again today, right-clicking the > @Xbon.9086 said:

@kKagari.6804 said:Yeah daily chests don't work for me. The Login chest does.

Daily chests and login work for me, everything without a selectable reward!

really? I tried it again today, and neither the daily PvP (topstats and rewards) nor PvE (miner of orr) chests got insta-looted when I right-clicked them. Nothing to select in those, so...

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