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An Update On Episode 2

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Hey everyone!

We are fast approaching the end of our 2-3 month cadence window for Living World Episodes and this morning we were hoping to unveil the Episode 2 Trailer along with the announcement of its release date. However, as we were preparing the episode for launch we discovered issues that we want to take additional time to address, to make sure it lives up to our standards. Once we have nailed down the last few details, started the process for moving the build to Live, and are confident when the episode will launch, we will release the trailer. Thank you for patience and bearing with us as we put the finishing touches on Episode 2. We look forward to playing the next chapter of Living World with all of you once it is released.

Thanks!Mike Zadorojny

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Hmmm, last time we had a lengthy release, we got Balthazar and neo-Primordus revealed.

Calling it now, reveal of Grenth disguised as Joko, and Scleritethin (aka Selbbub) will finally be revealed. All the while, we fight at the bottom of a whirlpool.

(EDIT: Okay, that can actually be pretty damn epic to fight the DSD in a small area of ground surrounded by roiling water that the dragon's head, claws, etc. pops out of to strike at us.)

@yoni.7015 said:The statement doesn’t say anything :-1:

It actually says three things.

1) they wanted to release trailer today, but won't be2) they won't be due to newly discovered issues that they're currently fixing3) trailer and release date will come when issues are fixed.

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@Kalythsu.8350 said:

@Donari.5237 said:Thanks so much for the information! Since you seem to design schedules for Tuesday releases (possibly including hard to switch work day assignments), I'm guessing this means at least a week's delay from planned launch.

I don't think. Announcement this week for a release february 27th

Exactly. The OP in this thread is saying there is not an announcement/trailer today, they don't know the exact release date because it depends on fixes, so IF they have work requirements that they only do these things on Tuesdays we are now pushed to trailer at the earliest next week and the episode the week after that.

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