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Anyone Else Have a Large Download?


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It goes in fits and starts. Remember that a LOT of people are loading right now. I go from 0 to 1MB/sec quite a bit on it, rarely get over 1MB. I'm only 24% in and I have FiOS so I'm amazed at you 50 percenters! (OK, I have older FiOS that Verizon refused to let us upgrade to the current faster options, but still, it's usually lightning fast).

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@Fermi.2409 said:Yeah, at 1GB with about half of the files left. It's annoying though, the first ~220 MB saturated my connection (240mbps) but now I'm only downloading at 2MB/s with frequent drops lower

You are still downloading at the same speed. There are thousands of very small files, so your DL speed doesn't get very high before it finishes and starts downloading the next one. On bigger files you can see the DL speed go up.

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