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Come Chill With discography [Disc] (NA) TA


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Hey there. We are DISCOGRAPHY!!! We are a new guild here to usher in the new expansion. We are looking for new and old players alike who would like experience any facet of the game from the open world, to raid, to PvP, to WvW.

Who are we? We are a group of gw2 players hoping to start a popping community that can play any part of the game. If you don’t feel like you could ever play parts of the game? We are here for you. Ever wanted to PvP or climb the leader borders? We got you. Ever wanted to do the newest fractals? Hit us up. Ever wanted to run around in a zerg of Minion master necros in WvW and Meme on people?! We will destroy our enemies. We can and will help you learn any part of the game.

Ok, ok, ok, so why are we called Discography? Well, at the end of the day this is an arts Guild, our goal is to help improve in and complete high level content, but the base is set in all types of art. Whether you are a Musician, Painter, Drawer, Memer, or maybe just want to share you opinions, come hang out with us. There will be daily/weekly music clubs and art sharing, so if you ever wanted to find new things to get into, hey looks like you found the right place! We accept all types of people, and are excited to talk to you.

With the expansion on the horizon we have a few goals in mind.We would like to eventually start weekly raidsWe would like to do weekly guild missionsWe would like to have fun guild events such as alt fashion showsWe would also like to occasionally meme on people

None of these are required it would just be appreciated but, we would like you to represent at the beginning of the expansion just to raise awareness. At the end of the day we just want to have cool people to game, share, and talk with. Our main form of communication will be Discord (which is free btw).

We are on NA, tarnished coast but being on the same server is not required.Please Contact us in game via mail or PM to join:Pyroen.2086Afropack.8710

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